Cayman: Creating the Optimal Climate for Investors February 8, 2018 - Increased scrutiny of international financial centres in recent years and ongoing pressure to produce solid returns have led institutional investors to make important decisions about where to best direct their investment resources. Investors are actively searching for unparalleled access to pooled capital to pursue the best investment opportunities combined with a jurisdiction that adheres to the highest legal, regulatory and […]
BIG STORY: SCOTT SAYS FINTECH COULD PROVIDE NEXT BIG BOOM FOR CAYMAN’S ECONOMY February 8, 2018 - Financial technology and associated products appear to be cusp of becoming a day-to-day part of our lives. Everyone is talking about Fintech — from investors to entrepreneurs to your average person just wondering what it’s all about. Here in Cayman, we’ve heard a lot about how Fintech — and specifically blockchain companies — are looking to the Cayman Islands to […]
FINTECH POISED TO TRANSFORM FINANCIAL SERVICES INDUSTRY February 8, 2018 - Traditional financial services accounts for around 55% of Cayman’s economy, but emerging technologies – blockchain being one example – are poised to change the industry forever. Is Cayman ready to adapt? Fintech, a mash-up of finance and technology, is a word we are likely to hear more often in years to come. In the not-so-distant past, Fintech referred to the back-end […]
Fintech to be a focus of continued innovation January 29, 2018 - Q&A with Jude Scott, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Cayman Finance… How would you assess the current health of Cayman’s funds industry? Cayman continues to be a top jurisdiction for formation of Alternative Investment fund products, with the world’s top managers using Cayman Islands vehicles in their structures. All of us will be well aware of Cayman’s strength in hedge […]
Financial services industry: Cayman’s ‘invisible’ giant January 25, 2018 - In 1960, the Cayman Islands could not have been further removed from its status today as a small but prominent global financial center. At the time, the Cayman economy still largely relied on seamen’s remittances, fishing, agriculture, shipbuilding and hand crafts. Airline services were limited and the tourism sector in its infancy. Estimates vary but the economic output per person […]


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27-29 November 2018

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Private Wealth Network brings Caribbean launch to Cayman February 6, 2018 - London-headquartered networking and business development group, Private Client Dining (PCD) Club, selected the Cayman Islands to launch its presence in the Caribbean region at an event hosted at The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman on Jan. 25. PCD Club is a business development and networking club for international private client professionals. It was originally established in London, has members from over 250 […]
Further Important Changes to the Cayman Islands AML Regime February 5, 2018 - A number of major developments impacted the Cayman Islands AML regime in December 2017, as the CFATF fourth round mutual evaluation of the Cayman Islands was being conducted.  For background on the introduction of the Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, 2017 (“AML Regulations“) in November 2017, please see our prior client updates: The Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, 2017 and New AML Regulations: Application to Insurance & […]
Cayman leads key UK lobby group February 4, 2018 - With Brexit looming and more international focus than ever on the offshore financial services sector, Cayman Islands representatives have taken over leadership positions in the British Overseas Territories Association at a key time. Cayman’s London Office Director Eric Bush was elected as chairman of the territories association last week, the first time a Caymanian London office director has served in […]



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