Statement on Oxfam report: Tax Battles: The Dangerous Global Race to the Bottom on Corporate Tax December 14, 2016 - Oxfam is wrong.  This is the same purposefully misleading rhetoric pretending to be research that Oxfam has published and republished for years.   Through their biased ‘analysis’ Oxfam has successfully completed their own ‘race to the bottom ’by circulating intentionally inaccurate and misleading information aimed at advancing their own agenda and harming countries they do not ‘like’ in the process. […]
Cayman still number 1 in latest Banker survey November 30, 2016 - The Banker magazine’s 2016 survey has confirmed the Cayman Islands position as the world’s number one specialised financial centre. This is the eighth consecutive year that the Cayman Islands has maintained the top spot in this highly-regarded, global survey. “The Cayman Islands’ continued dominance in this category is unprecedented and is further proof that our jurisdiction’s commitment to excellence in […]
Cayman Finance CEO Jude Scott completes multination European trip to promote Cayman Islands Financial Industry November 23, 2016 - Cayman Finance CEO Jude Scott has completed a two week visit to Europe to promote the Cayman Islands financial services industry and its role within Europe, the United Kingdom and the global financial economy. Mr Scott’s visit coincided with the Joint Ministerial Council meetings held in London, as well as an EU debate about a potential new tax blacklist.   […]
Cayman Finance CEO Jude Scott discusses Panama papers, tax neutrality on BBC World November 17, 2016 - During a recent appearance on BBC, Cayman Finance CEO Jude Scott highlighted the Cayman Islands’ dedication to upholding the standards and expectations of a premier financial jurisdiction through transparency and a strong compliance culture. The host, Tanya Beckett, began with an insight into the Panama papers, mentioning that some of the companies in the papers were linked to the Cayman […]
Baroness’ LA address lauds Cayman’s Financial Industry October 12, 2016 - Despite recent negative portrayals in the United Kingdom about The Cayman Islands being a tax haven, Baroness Anelay, in her address to the Legislative Assembly spoke positively about the Cayman economy noting the rising GDP, increased employment figures, debt reductions and high tourist numbers. She acknowledged the integral role of the financial industry in making these advances, stating, “Of course […]


Mourant Ozannes’ 2017 Regulatory Seminar

Mourant Ozannes’ 2017 Regulatory Seminar

Date: February 3rd, 2017

Location: The Kimpton Seafire Resort

Time: 2:00-5:00pm

5:00-7:00pm Drinks Reception

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Beneficial ownership platform takes shape January 4, 2017 - Since the Panama Papers revelations in April, the debate about anonymous shell companies and the importance of access to information about the true owners of companies, trusts and other entities has gained considerable traction. Coverage of law firm Mossack Fonseca’s data leak showed that knowing the owners and ultimate beneficiaries of corporate vehicles can be an important element in the […]
Fintech Intellectual Property January 3, 2017 - Note from the Publisher:  Something we have seldom (in fact never) covered on FintekNews is the issue of intellectual property as it pertains to fintech, so when we caught a blog on talking about exactly that, we thought it bore a further look.  In fact, we’ve seen a few references to this of late coming form firms out of the Cayman Islands.  […]
Minister: ‘Critical Errors’ in Oxfam Report December 14, 2016 - Minister of Financial Services Wayne Panton encouraged the public to notice the critical errors made by Oxfam in developing a list of ‘tax havens’ for their ‘Tax Battles: The Dangerous Global Race to the Bottom on Corporate Tax’ report. ‘Once you’ve read the report – and particularly the methodology – Government believes that the public will understand that certain organisations’ […]



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