CFA Society and CIIPA Partner for Inaugural Global Corporate Ethics Challenge

Ethics Challenge Announced at CIIPA Awards Gala
Nancy Euvrard, CFASCI; Craig Smith, CIIPA Ethics Committee Chair, Siddhant Jain Jaiswal, CFASCI Ethics Challenge Coordinator; Ben Leung, CIIPA Training Committee Chair; Vanessa Hansen, CIIPA Head of Operations & Communications; Richard Maparura, CFASCI Education and Members Chair

The CFA Society Cayman Islands (“CFASCI”) and Cayman Islands Institute of Professional Accountants (CIIPA), are pairing up for the first-ever Global Corporate Ethics Challenge.

The Challenge is a global initiative which has been carried out at the University and Secondary-school levels, but this will be the first Corporate Challenge internationally. Leading the charge are CFASCI – Education & Membership team Siddhant Jain Jaiswal and Richard Maparura, and CIIPA’s Ethics Committee chaired by Craig Smith.

“The Ethics Challenge embodies the mission of the CFA Institute by promoting the highest standards of ethics, education and professional excellence”, says Richard Maparura, CFASCI Education and Members Chair. Siddhant Jain Jaiswal, CFASCI Ethics Challenge Coordinator explains “Participants gain experience in ethical decision-making, are exposed to real-world ethical dilemmas while sharing experiences and knowledge.”

Participants will be broken down into teams which will receive an ethics case study. The teams will have just over four weeks to meet, review and analyse the case study and prepare a presentation. On 29 November, the teams will present their analysis and recommendations to a panel of judges from the CFASCI, CIIPA, and the public sector.

CIIPA Ethics Committee Chair, Craig Smith says, “As professional accountants, we are entrusted with protecting the public interest which is why ethical decision-making is part of the foundation of our profession.”

CIIPA members interested in participating can register at

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