Cayman Islands hosts Pre-JMC, Trade Summit

Heads of Governments from British Overseas Territories (OTs) will travel to the Cayman Islands later this month for the annual United Kingdom Overseas Territories Association (UKOTA) Pre-Joint Ministerial Council (JMC) Meeting followed by an inaugural UK/OT International Trade Summit to be held at the Kimpton Seafire resort.

The Pre-JMC meeting allows Leaders to agree key items for the agenda for the JMC meeting that will take place in November in London and get an update on the work carried out by UKOTA over the past year.

The Trade Summit, jointly hosted by The Cayman Islands Government and The UK Government, is the first of its kind, by the new Cayman Islands Government’s Ministry of International Trade, Investment Aviation and Maritime Affairs (MITIAMA).  The summit is designed for high level government discussions between UK and OT Government Leaders and officials

Premier Hon Alden McLaughlin said, “This inaugural UK/OT International Trade Summit is an opportunity to showcase what the OTs have to offer but to also discuss trade opportunities with and for all OTs as we all look for ways to diversify our economies and take advantage of the opportunities that will be afforded after Brexit.”

Director of the Overseas Territories Department Ben Merrick said, “We are delighted to co-host this important and significant event with the Cayman Islands Government.  This brings international trade issues to the forefront of our discussions with the OT Governments as well as provides a platform for discussion of how we can better work in partnership on trade.”

Topics being discussed include opportunities to engage with UK initiatives for trade and promotion as well as with the Commonwealth in their Enterprise and Investment Council, and close examination of business sectors such as FinTech, Tourism, Healthcare and the Blue Economy.

Mr. Eric Bush, Chief Officer of MITIAMA, “This is a very exciting time for Cayman, as we celebrate our 60-year anniversary of our first written constitution. We are now at a crossroads of our country’s history.  Our forefathers have built a strong and vibrant economy for us all to enjoy. It is now our time to further build on these foundations and bring Cayman to the world stage, showing them who we are, what we have to offer and seek to enhance trade and investment from our neighbours, near and far.”

The timing of the Trade Summit is planned specifically to coincide with the Celebrate Cayman 60th anniversary celebrations, with special invitations to celebrations being extended to Her Majesty’s Government and Overseas Territories delegates.

Alfonso Wright, Executive Chairman, Celebrate Cayman , “This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase Cayman Islands history and culture with the UK and Heads of Government from the Overseas Territories.  At such a significant time for the Cayman Islands’ relationship with the UK it is invaluable to be able to invite such high level attendees to join our celebrations.”

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