Insurance Managers Award More Scholarships

The Insurance Managers Association Cayman (IMAC) continues to support Caymanian students with a highly successful scholarship fund that has assisted 48 students since its inception.

The IMAC Educational Scholarship Fund was formed in 1994 by insurance managers and industry service providers. The fund has raised over US$3.9 million to date to support post-secondary education for Caymanians who would not otherwise have the financial means to attend.

Six new students were awarded scholarships this year, bringing the total number of current full-time students 20.  The fund is currently supporting:  Ashli Welcome (Veterinary Medicine at Szent Istvan University Budapest); Amy Thompson (Hospitality Management, Portsmouth University); Leshontae Missick (Medicine, International American University St. Lucia); Miriam Mascal (Marketing, University of Tampa); Julian Jervis (Biology, George Washington University); Mya Scotchman (Psychology, Plymouth University); Martynna Berry (Communication and Media Studies, Carleton University); Shantelle Ellis (Tourism Management, University College Birmingham); Alexandra Artuch (English Literature, University of East Anglia); Katlen Bush (Social Studies and  Education, Indiana Wesleyan University); Isaiah Robinson (Computer Science, Cardiff University); Jake Bennett (Aviation Management, Florida Institute of Technology); Katherine Tatum (Psychology in Education, University of York); Lacee Barnes (Public Relations, University of Texas); Jevaughnie Ebanks (Film and Television Production, University of Bradford); Vanessa Burke (Marketing, University of Liverpool); Nathan McCoy (Biology at Baylor University); Aryana Grant (Actuarial Science, University of Essex); Deajra Tulloch (Computer Science, University of Surrey); Enrique McCoy (Business Marketing with Management, University of Birmingham);

Erin Brosnihan, Director of the Scholarship Fund, congratulated the students: “it is an honour to represent an industry that cares so much about our community that we unite to provide the opportunity for these incredible young people to go to university, when they may not otherwise be able to.”  She went on to say, “These students are exceptionally bright, ambitious young people and IMAC is very fortunate to be able to help these students in such a powerful way.”

The fund is audited by KPMG and is a registered charity in the Cayman Islands.


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