Cayman still number 1 in latest Banker survey

The Banker magazine’s 2016 survey has confirmed the Cayman Islands position as the world’s number one specialised financial centre. This is the eighth consecutive year that the Cayman Islands has maintained the top spot in this highly-regarded, global survey.

“The Cayman Islands’ continued dominance in this category is unprecedented and is further proof that our jurisdiction’s commitment to excellence in client service and balanced effective regulatory standards is serving us well,” Mr Jude Scott, CEO of Cayman Finance said.

“The Cayman model focuses on attracting top quality, law abiding clients serviced by world class professionals while being a leader in implementing global standards on transparency and cross-border cooperation. The Cayman Islands financial services industry, government and regulator are committed to ensuring that the country continues to thrive as a premier global financial hub benefiting developed and developing countries.

“The Banker Survey is well respected by private and public stakeholders globally, and we are encouraged by these recent results as it reaffirms that we are indeed the leader,” Mr. Scott said.
Jersey and Guernsey are ranked second and third respectively in the specialized financial centres list, with the Bahamas and Bermuda closing out the top five places in the survey.

The Banker magazine is part of the Financial Times Group, a globally recognised and respected finance publication and its IFC rankings are based on data ranging from financial markets indicators to economic potential and business environment factors. The ranking focuses on the level of international business and the value for institutions seeking to expand their international operations.

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